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How to Play Pickleball Like Pro – 13 Pro tips to Level Up your Game !

You would be wondering how to play pickleball? Have you been slacking in the game of pickleball lately? Have you identified reasons for this fallback? If you love pickleball but have not mastered the sport yet, here are the best tips you can get to escalate to intermediate and advanced levels. These essential tips will help you play pickleball like a pro in your next tournament. So, sit back and skim through these 13 helpful tips that can earn you...
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Rules of Pickleball and Dimensions of Court

Though unregulated, pickleball is a real sport. It resembles traditional tennis and badminton, taking features from each. While the court is not as big as a tennis court, it allows single or double face-offs just like tennis. If you haven’t heard of pickleball as an actual sport and think it’s probably something a bunch of kids came up with, read on to find out more about it. We have discussed below the rules of pickleball and The Dimensions of court...
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