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A fun fusion of tennis and badminton, Pickleball is a great sport for kids and adults alike. It’s entertaining, keeps you active and is excellent for overall mind and body fitness. Are you looking forward to try your hands in Pickleball? That’s amazing but you need to be careful about the type of paddle you choose for your game. Choosing the right paddle is crucial to your pickleball experience as a wrong selection could spoil your grip big time.

This is where Picky Pickleball comes to your help.

We are your one-stop guide when you are looking for the best paddle for your pickleball adventure. We know smart players would prefer to get a comparative study on various paddles before choosing a one- and our expert reviews here are just the thing you will need for the best-informed decision.

Why count on us?

Authentic detailed reviews

We provide the most authentic and elaborate reviews in the market. We are pickleball players ourselves and we do know a thing or two about the paddles. You will get compact information on all the major aspects of a paddle, including paddle width, average weight, core material, grip size and surface material. We also provide information on whether or not the paddle is IFP/USAPA approved.

All the reviews are followed by a link to Amazon where you can study the paddle further, check price and buy the product.

Review at a glance

Added to our elaborate reviews, we also provide a comparative chart on all the paddles we review in detail on our site. The chart offers you a quick grasp of the main aspects of each of the paddles (mentioned above) along with price and ratings to help you with an informed decision at a glance. We know it’s a busy world today where you may not have the time to delve into our detailed reviews always. And this is where this comparative chart is just the thing you will need.

Completely unbiased reviews

We promise completely unbiased and transparent reviews to ensure the best and safest buy for you. We are not like regular review sites that only highlight the best points and shy away from citing the negatives. In fact, we have a dedicated section in your reviews where we point out both the pros and cons of each paddle reviewed.

Winning tips

We also offer expert tips and details on various aspects of the pickleball game and how to nail it like a pro. Contact us for more info.