GAMMA Voltage Classic 1.0 Pickleball Paddle Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

GAMMA Voltage Classic 1.0 Pickleball Paddle Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Gamma Sports is a fairly known name in the world of pickleball. It’s one of the companies with long history in manufacturing top quality equipment as it caters to not only pickleball but also tennis and several other racket sports.

It has plenty of pickleball paddle options after launching four paddles last year. In the spring this year, the brand also made news as the first pickleball paddle company that offers officially licensed collegiate paddles with logos of US’s major colleges.

The company has many innovations when it comes to pickleball paddles, aiming to provide players with the best equipment to improve their plays. In this review article, we’ll be reviewing the Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model.

The first model out of Gamma Sports Voltage Classic Series, we’ll see what features this paddle has to offer you. As the pickleball game increases in popularity, the paddle industry demands for products with features, designs, and materials pushed to the limit and the Voltage Classic 1.0 Model is one of them.

The Brand – Gamma Sports

Gamma Sports is a popular name in the racket sports manufacturing equipment industry. The company is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has more than 40 years of history in producing equipment for racket sports including tennis and pickleball.

Its history started in 1974 with Dr. Harry Ferrari, a notable nuclear engineer and an avid tennis player. He was the one to develop a greater tennis string, which resulted to a patented process. At the same time, the tennis string led to a new type of gut tennis string that earned accolades through the years.

More recently, the company branched out to creating racket equipment for pickleball. Today, Gamma Sports has a line of equipment that includes balls, paddles, and pickleball accessories. The company is the US Open Pickleball Championships’ official grip.

What is the Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model?

The Voltage Classic 1.0 Model is a pickleball paddle that incorporates innovative construction and features. It has a graphite and fiberglass composite face and aramid honeycomb core to make up its structure.

The first model under the Gamma Sports Voltage Series, it is a premium pickleball paddle created high-level players that demand top performance. To ensure it can handle the top performance that the best players look for, the Voltage Classic was developed with cutting edge innovations incorporated into it.

Moreover, Gamma Sports made sure to use only top-of-the-line materials in the manufacturing of Voltage Classic 1.0 Model. Its graphite face is super responsive and offers remarkable feedback. It’s also extremely durable, while the aramid core makes the paddle super responsive.

The Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model is a pickleball paddle ideal for power players. This paddle’s structure and core provides players with a stable, solid feel as well as power on any of their strokes. With its textured fiberglass surface, the paddle sure vies accurate placement of shots.

Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model Review
  • Price
  • Grip
  • Control

About The Paddle

The Voltage Classic 1.0 Model features a Reinforced Live Periphery Frame. With this structure, the paddle is able to remove dead spots as well as increase the edges’ durability.  It provides the paddle with a solid feel thus the player who uses it can have added control.

The paddle is incorporated with Gamma Sports innovations, one of which is Gamma Flush Fit Bumper. With this feature, Voltage Classic 1.0 has increased hitting area of 30%. At the same time, this innovation helped to protect the pickleball racket without risking miss hits to the edge guard.

Weight, Size, and Grip

Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model comes in round 7.6 ounces in weight with 1.56-inches length and 8.25-inches in width for overall paddle dimensions. It offers an effective heating area of 70.6-inches and balance of 225 mm.


Another of the Gamma innovations incorporated with the paddle is the Gamma Unibody Handle. It’s a single molding process that gives the racket with a solid feel. Furthermore, the Unibody Handle helped to improve the paddle’s stability. It also provided the paddle with increased durability.

Voltage Classic 1.0 Model is integrated with Gamma PB Contour Grip. This provides the pickleball racket with stitched rib as well as perforations, which are designed to enhance the handle’s gripping power. With this, the paddle also has enhanced moisture absorption.

This particular feature also created a cushioned surface for the racket. Having cushioned surface, players can enjoy having greater control and feedback in using the Voltage Classic 1.0 Model paddle. As it is fast and lightweight, players that like durability and excellent feedback are sure to like this pickleball racket.


Here are the innovations and modern features Gamma Sports incorporated with Voltage Classic 1.0 Model to make it one of the best paddles available:

  • Aramid Honeycomb Core
  • Carbon Fiber Hitting Surface
  • Graphite Frame Material
  • Gamma Live Periphery Frame
  • Gamma Flush Fit Bumper
  • Gamma Unibody Handle
  • Gamma PB Contour Grip


  • Comfortable grip
  • Consistent paddle surface response
  • Flush edge effectively reduce errant shots
  • Good-sized handle
  • Lightweight
  • Great control and maneuverability
  • Provides extra little power


  • Loud sound coming from the paddle when hit


The Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model is a great paddle for the price. It’s convenient to use and offers exactly the features it advertised. Thanks to its aramid honeycomb core, this paddle is effective in reducing a player’s errant shots.

Its carbon surface is ideally lightweight, which offers you excellent control and manipulation when playing. These are something that every player desires in a paddle, especially the neophyte pickleball players. The Contour Grip and Unibody Handle also make the paddle exceptional in terms of comfort.

One of the drawbacks of the paddle is the sound it produces. Pickleball is a pretty noisy sport and so paddle are naturally noisy. However, some players who used this paddle note that the sound isn’t a pleasant one.

That being the case, this Gamma Sports paddle isn’t ideal if you play the game in community area or if you’re too sensitive too noise. However, if you or your neighbors won’t mind a bit of racket, Gamma Sports Voltage Classic 1.0 Model is a great pickleball paddle.

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