Best Pickleball Balls Review – Pickleball Ball Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Best Pickleball Balls Review – Pickleball Ball Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Pickleball has been an absolute favorite for the sweet little North-Carolina neighborhood I belong to, where the folks played it on every other occasion. 

And, the influence that had on me while growing up, not only made me pursue it actively but also set up my own retail store of quality pickleball gear.

Being in the business taught me how much the quality of an item could affect your overall performance. And even a small pickleball ball can make a whole lot of difference in that case.

Yes, that’s really something you would have to get right if you want to ace your next pickleball match, since it can also influence your techniques on the court. However, knowing which ball to go for could be difficult, given the number of factors one should consider while getting it.

Hey, I’m Russel. And today, I’m bringing you an extensive guide on the best pickleball balls you can get for that upcoming match right now!

Top 4 Best Rated Pickleball Ball

  1. Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleballs [Best Outdoor]

Onix is undeniably one of the leading brands of pickleball gear, that has consistently provided high-quality products since as long as it had been in the scene.

And apart from offering high-performing paddles, it also offers decent pickleball balls, which put up amazingly well with any intense performance.

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My Experience 

The Onix Pure 2 outdoor pickleball balls work efficiently to provide you with a balanced hit each time and keep it comfortable for the player who throws the first shot. These are the pickleballs balls that I’m currently using, and I must admit that they are paying off rather well.

What I like the most about these balls are their design. Onix gets this right by giving them a proportionate weight, which makes the ball fly in a straight path in almost any weather condition.

These pickleball balls are made with an injection-molded process where the two halves of the ball are fused using a heating method. This creates a highly durable seam which can take sufficient impact without falling apart.

These balls feature precision drilled holes, that are, in fact, a bit smaller than what you’d normally find on other models. The primary reason for making such a drill-size is to keep the ball airborne for the entire duration of the shot. This maintains a balance in their weight, helping them to cut through the air swiftly and towards the contender with maximum speed. 

Additionally, the “Authentic Bounce Technology” created for the design ensures consistent bounce-shots, without any possibility of dips.

What could have been better?

The only downside to these could be their incompatibility with a ball-throwing machine. These don’t fare well with the standard ball-throwers that are often used on the court and could get stuck in the mechanism, for that matter.

  • Features a significantly durable seam design that can take massive impacts
  • Precision drill-size maintains a balance during flight
  • Proportionate weight distribution keeps ball flying higher and in a straight path 
  • Provides consistent bounce-shots at each go
  • Not compatible with a ball-throwing machine
  1. TOP Pickleball Ball 

PickleballCentral is yet another brand that aces in making quality pickleball balls. The TOP Ball model from the brand features a highly efficient design that provides incredibly balanced shots at each go. Featuring a one-piece construction, the TOP Ball offers high durability, serving well for all kinds of pickleball events!

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My Experience 

PickleballCentral has been one of my favorite brands since long now. And, the primary reason for this is the excellent quality control and precision the company ensures for each of its items.

The superior manufacturing processes is reflected in the highly functional designs of its gear, pretty much like the molding-procedures used for constructing these pickleball balls.

These balls are put through a rotational construction method that ensures significant durability on each part of the ball. I have used the TOP Ball set extensively enough to know the kind of balance the balls provide. 

They feature a 40 drill-hole design, which makes it an ideal option for outdoor pickleball practices and matches. These holes are kept to a minimum diameter, which contributes to its mid-flight efficiency. These maintain a delicate balance producing enough kinetic force to propel the ball right through the air without letting it deflect from its path.

The seamless construction of the ball keeps it up in the air without letting it dip at any point during flight. Owing to such a design, the balls come with no weak-points that could possibly hamper their efficiency during matches.

What could have been better?

The only thing that I have a problem with was the price of this pickleball ball set. It is pretty expensive, which makes it difficult for the wider public to buy it. There isn’t much to complain about the balls apart from this, as it delivers well almost all the time.

  • Provides balanced shots each time 
  • One-piece design reduces weak spots
  • 40-drill holes maximize mid-flight efficiency
  • Delivers great bounce on impact
  • Pretty Expensive
  1. Jugs Pickleballs

The pickleball balls from Jugs are some of the most cost-efficient ones you could get your hands on right away! These durable poly-balls could be used not only for pickleball purposes but also for a few other racquet-and-ball games.

Being more on the affordable side of the spectrum, the Jugs Pickleballs balls are used by many enthusiasts of the sport. And, so far, these balls have fared well enough to be known as a popular item from a reputed brand.

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My Experience 

The Jugs Pickleball balls perform well, especially for indoor games. I was first told about this brand by one of my pickleball-mates, Jake. He had been using these balls for quite some time. And, when he said the balls were able to shoot through a great distance without any dip whatsoever, I knew I had to give them a legit go.

These pickleball balls hold up pretty well during flights, cutting through turbulence. The major reason for this is its extremely lightweight construction and wide-spaced drills. This contributes to its mid-flight efficiency, helping it to stay airborne. Another thing that I really like about these balls is their popping neon green color, which offers clear visibility even in low light conditions.

Overall, these pickleball balls perform decently. And since they are approved by the USAPA/IFA for tournament purposes, you can trust them to return considerable value for your money.

What could have been better?

The biggest problem with these balls is that they lack durability and may get easily deflected from their path owing to their immensely lightweight structure. One of these Jugs balls split right up during one of the games. These negatives restrict the versatility of the balls, making them only suitable for indoor games.

  • Pretty affordable
  • Can go on without dipping
  • Provide considerable bounce
  • USAPA/IFA-approved
  • Not very high on durability
  1. Onix Pure 3 Indoor Pickleball Balls [Best Indoor]

And the last one up on this list is the indoor pickleball ball from Onix Pure 3. Since I have already told you about the quality offered by Onix, you may have guessed how well these balls perform, by now. 

These deliver substantially well as indoor pickleball balls, providing super-charged shots and bounce even within a limited space.

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My Experience

I have already talked about the outdoor pickleball balls from the brand and how well they perform. These are the indoor pickleball balls that bring in a few similar features as that of the outdoor ones, to ensure the same high-performance delivery in every shot.

This is actually one of my go-to models from the brand that I can even rely on while playing intense matches from time to time.

These balls feature an exceptional seamless design, which eliminates all weak spots on them, increasing their overall efficiency. Since indoor matches are played over a comparatively much shorter distance, these balls ensure a balanced delivery at all times. The strategically-aligned precision-drills contribute to the maintenance of this balance that results in decent shots.

Additionally, the “authentic bounce technology,” coupled with the “true flight technology,” ensures that the ball makes a perfect bounce after staying consistently on a straight path over a certain stretch.   

What could have been better?

One of the things that can happen is that the balls may lose their “bounce” after a point of time. I have noticed this happen with some of the balls from the set. This will reduce their overall efficiency, and when you notice this happening, do switch over to a different set, so that it doesn’t affect your individual performance.

  • Durable, high-performing pickleball balls
  • Seamless design offers maximum efficiency
  • Provides sufficient bounce and mid-flight accuracy
  • USAPA/IFA-approved
  • May lose their “bounce” with time

Buyers’ Guide

Finding just the ideal pickleball balls for yourself can be challenging if you didn’t know what to consider. Factors such as the type, materials, weight, color, and size are crucial to take into account to get yourself the best in the market.

And that is why I’m attaching this buyers’ guide to help you find the most suitable pickleball ball for yourself.

  1. Type: Indoor or Outdoor pickleball balls?

Outdoor pickleball balls are usually heavier and harder, made from smooth plastic. These may typically have 40 drilled holes, and they deflect way less given their weight and construction.

These are generally more responsive than indoor balls, and easier to hit. Also, these balls have a greater bounce, and have less drag than indoor ones. But, on the downside, outdoor balls can be more difficult to control as they need to be placed and hit accurately.

Indoor pickleball balls, on the other hand, are typically softer and feature larger holes than outdoor balls. And although they are easier to control, it can be harder to slam them, since they have more drag. However, the texture on these allow you to give them more spin. 

  1. Durability and longevity

The total lifespan of a pickleball ball may vary from a few rounds to substantially longer periods of time. Outdoor pickleballs may not last longer than the indoor ones. You can expect them to crack or go out-of-round after a while, for that matter.

While, indoor pickleball can last for longer periods of time. And although, indoor balls don’t generally crack, they will develop soft spots after extended periods of use.

The longevity of a pickleball ball depends on factors such as the playing surface, how hard the ball is hit, the temperature of the surroundings, etc. The durability of these balls will vary from one brand to another. And some will crack earlier than others.

  1. Manufacturing 

Pickleball balls are manufactured using either an injection-molding method or a rotational molding process. Indoor balls are primarily made by injection molding, where the two halves are glued at the seams together. This is one of the main reasons why indoor balls get soft-spots and lose their shapes over time.

On the other hand, outdoor pickleball balls are typically made using the rotational molding method that eliminate all weak spots. This makes the balls much more durable and capable of resisting substantial impacts.

  1. Material

The best pickleball balls are made using thermoset plastics such as acrylic, melamine, epoxies, etc. Thermoset plastics are heated and cooled and molded into the required shapes to form a durable structure. 

Materials such as virgin thermoset pellets or aged pellets are primarily used to make pickleball balls. Virgin plastic is a superior-quality material that ensures higher durability, and that is why it is generally used to manufacture outdoor pickleball balls.

  1. Color

Pickleball balls usually come in a wide range of loud, popping colors. The most popular ones include orange, yellow and white for outdoor pickleball balls. But, you could also find shades like lime-green, midnight-dyed, or multicolored ones for indoor balls.

The colors of a pickleball ball help you locate and hit it even in poor light conditions. This is a vital aspect to know of, before settling on any shade so that you perform better with it even in the absence of natural light.

  1. Diameter and weight

Getting the weight and the diameter of your pickleball ball right is a crucial aspect, which significantly affects your overall performance. For an indoor pickleball ball, you can go with an approximate weight of 0.81 with a 2.8 inches diameter. 

While, on the other hand, outdoor balls will be a bit heavy, weighing around 0.9 oz with a 2.9 inches diameter. These figures will help you make the most out of a quality pickleball ball in every match that you play.


And, that was it for my extensive guide on some of the best pickleball balls you can find out there in the market right now!

I hope I was able to help you come to a well-informed decision about the subject, and that you enjoyed what you read.

Here’s wishing you all the best for your upcoming pickleball event. Also, Check my recent reviews about Shoes and Nets.

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