Paddletek Bantam Ex-L Pickleball Paddle Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Paddletek Bantam Ex-L Pickleball Paddle Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Pickleball is a sport you can play no matter your age, skill level, or athletic ability. It’s an incredibly simple sport that those who try it for the first time often find themselves joining competitive games in no time. The key to having fun playing down the field playing pickleball is having the right paddle.

One of the great things about pickleball is doesn’t have those exasperating rules and techniques other ball games have. But just like other games, you need the right tools to make the best of the game. In this case, the right paddle will make or break your game experience.

What if your paddle isn’t comfortable? After the game, it may just leave you sore and your arm and wrists tired. The wrong paddle affects your whole performance, probably makes you miss a shot. In that case, you really need the right paddle to make the best of your game.

This review article introduces you to one of the best paddles for pickleball in the market – Paddletek Bantam EX-L Paddle. A highly rated paddle made by one of the leading companies, read on to find out the specs that makes it one of the popular paddles.

The Brand – Paddletek

If you have been playing pickleball since before, you probably already heard about Paddletek. It is one of the companies known to provide top quality pickleball accessories. On that note, the Bantam EX-L is one of the brand’s best-selling paddles.

The company is highly devoted to creating top quality paddles for pickleball. Paddletek builds paddles as well as other equipment for pickleball players. The company’s success is due to the fact that they are devoted to the sport and thus know exactly what they want for their paddles.

In every paddle that Paddletek produce, they always strive to ensure that the players will feel comfortable while playing. With that, the brand’s innovations are always directed to improving the players’ games so they can enjoy playing pickleball.

What is Paddletek Bantam EX-L Paddle?

Paddletek Bantam EX-L is one of the most popular paddles in Paddletek’s EX-Bantam line. This paddle is quite popular thanks to how it provides players’ with an amazing balance of power. Moreover, players can enjoy great control when using this paddle because of Bantam EX-L’s standard weight.

Bantam EX-L is ideal to be used by intermediate and advanced players. These are pickleball players that already mastered their control. As such, they need paddles that can support them with more power. This is what the Bantam EX-L offers them through the oversized playing surface.

Such surface makes the paddle appropriate for nearly any kind of match. Additionally, Paddletek Bantam EX-L features a hard-wearing polymer core. With the polymer core, the paddle can absorb vibration and play really quite thanks to the Advanced ProPolyCore2 technology.

This makes Bantam EX-L ideal to use in noise-restricted communities. The simple design of the paddle is also quite likable. Its design allows you to just cordon off the paddle’s large surface when you want to remember where you want the ball to land when making a shot.

For a comfortable hold, the paddle features a Gamma Ultra Cushion Contour grip for its handle. The paddle also has its face with a velvet finish, which adds to the ball’s spin. You can choose from three different colors – blue, red, and purple – for the handle.

Paddletek Bantam EX-L Paddle Review
  • Price
  • Grip
  • Control


The Paddletek Bantam Series has each of the paddles in its line of products created with a honeycombed composite. It’s a proprietary composite for Paddletek products. In addition, the Bantam EX-L paddle has the ProPolyCore2 technology, which is what minimizes vibrations and improves control.

The noise reduction and safety playing feature another of specs of the paddle that makes it really popular, especially since pickleball can be such a noisy sport. As mentioned before, Paddletek Bantam EX-L also has velvet-textured polymer as one of the specs.

Size and Weight

Paddletek paddles come in extra-large with a weight at 7.8 – 8.3 ounces, length around 15.75 inches, and width at 7.75 inches. The weight of the paddle puts it at medium weight but it isn’t heavy enough to be ideal for power hitters.

It’s great to use thanks to the extra grip and the added control that provides an edge during competitions. Thanks to the paddle’s weight, it’s able to absorb just enough shock so there is very little transfer to your hand.

As a medium to large paddle, the Bantam EX-L paddle offers added weight that provides extra power when using it. Using Paddletek Bantam EX-L allows its users to devote their energy to fine-tuning their motor control instead of adding power to their moves.


Paddletek Bantam Ex-L features an Ultra Cushion that gives its 4.5-inch handle a textured grip. With a grip circumference of 4.25 inches and the Ultra Cushion, the paddle has an extra comfortable handle. On the other hand, some people may find the handle to be a little shorter.


  • Offers players enough power without the fatigue
  • Gives players better control but some adjustment might be needed
  • It is built to offer you balance and versatility
  • Quieter and lighter than other medium weight paddles


  • Lacks power or control as heavy hitters might want
  • It’s not ideal for beginners


If you compare Paddletek Bantam EX-L to other medium weight paddles, you will notice it’s lighter and quieter. These are the features that stand out the most about this paddle. It makes it perfect if your community is a little too sensitive about noise.

Since Paddletek didn’t depend on the Nomex Honeycomb technology for its cores, the Bantam EX-L is different in a lot of ways. While not like heavy paddles, it offers control, lighter, and quieter compared to other paddles.

As such, Paddle Bantam EX-L is great if used for general play. You can use it for just about any kind of play and has the features you might want for a paddle. But if you like to smash when you play pickleball, then it isn’t for you.

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