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Best Pickleball Paddles Reviews

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews [2023]

Finding the best pickleball paddle to suit your game can be a tricky task. As pickleball continues to explode in popularity across the United States, more pickleball brands are releasing the latest innovations in pickleball paddle tech. Never has it...

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A warm welcome to Picky Pickleball, a website dedicated to the amazing sport of Pickleball. Here you can find all kinds of information related to Pickleball. This website is started by a group of hardcore Pickleball fans and we love the game to the core. If you are new to Pickleball and want to know more about the rules of the game, how to play pickleball or the equipments we have it covered for you. Pickleball is a great sport for socialization between friends and families. Happy Playing!!!

Pickleball Rules

Any game need to be played within the rules of the game to be fair and Pickleball also comes with its own set of rules. Pickleball is a sport that originated by combining various games like ping pong, tennis and badminton.

Before starting up with the game, please read on to the rules involved in playing the game. The rules largely differ from any of the games and get to know the rules specified for serving, volley, faults involved, double-bounce rule and single and doubles play rules. Check out our rules section to understand the basic rules involved in playing this popular game.

In our rules section you can find every bit of detail, including the proper positioning of players in singles and doubles play, the layout and dimensions of a pickleball court along with the various rules for serving, scoring points. The section also clearly defines about the following:

  1. Serve rules
  2. Serve Sequencing rules
  3. Two-Bounce rule
  4. Non-volley zone
  5. Faults
  6. Calling the lines
  7. Scoring
  8. Court Dimensions

Even though the game of Pickleball was started as a backyard game as a pastime for kids and adults, it has gained huge popularity in the past couple of years. This led to the formation of an association like the USAPA (United States Pickle Ball Association) to promote the game.

How to play Pickleball

Pickleball is largely a fun and exciting game to play and also a great way to socialize with likeminded Pickleball fans. But it is not really fun if you don’t know how to play the game of Pickleball. If you are not picking up the game clearly or want to master the game and make a point with your friends. Playing a game is all about winning and no one will like to lose. Even if you are playing with your friends, you can’t just lose all the time. So if you are looking to improvise your skills in Pickleball, then you’ve come to the right place. In our exclusive How to Play Pickleball section, you can find a lot of tips and strategies that will help your Pickleball gaming skills to a great extent. The tips posted in this section has been provided by experienced professionals playing the game of Pickleball for many years. If you are really serious about improvising your game, then try to follow these basic rules that will certainly make you a professional of this game.

Pickleball Equipments

Pickleball is a simple ball game and all you need is a place to draw the court, a net, graphite paddles and a whiffle ball. And for sure you need someone to play with too. The court can be easily drawn on your own (Check the dimensions of the pickleball court here). You can also find professional pickleball courts in every state across US by checking the official website of USAPA. Here you can find the names and addresses of Pickleball courts easily. With the rising popularity of the game, you can also find pickleball courts being available in private clubs and community centers.

Pickleball court is similar to a tennis court but much smaller than that. For playing pickleball, the player need to have a pickleball paddle that is slightly larger than a ping-pong paddle and smaller than a tennis racquet. Even though paddles were created originally from wood, now the paddles are available in high-quality and lightweight composite materials. The pickleball are different from the one used in tennis or badminton as they come with holes look similar to a whiffle ball. Normally you can find a set of paddles and a ball in your nearby stores. You can find balls now in various colors, but according to IIFP (International Federation of Pickleball), whatever color you use, it should come in a single color and not with mixed colors.

Pickleball Product Reviews

The rise in popularity of this exciting game has allowed many different companies to come up with their own brand of pickleball equipment. And now the market is filled with several brands and models that it would be a tough task to choose the best pickleball equipment for your gameplay. And if you are looking to choose the best equipments, then just go through our pickleball product review section to understand the best pickleball equipments for kids, adults, beginners and professionals. These reviews will help you in choosing the right equipment and also allow you to improvise your gameplay as well.

When it comes to choosing the best pickleball paddles, you need to understand the fact that paddles come in various strengths and materials that can help in indoor and outdoor playing. Our comprehensive pickleball paddle buying guide will help you choose the right paddle according to your requirements. Here we not only provide reviews about only paddles, but you can also find various reviews and how to buy guides related to pickleball nets, Shoes, Bags, and balls.