Best Onix Pickleball Paddles Review – Onix Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Best Onix Pickleball Paddles Review – Onix Buyer’s Guide [2020]

If you’re looking to get the perfect pickleball paddles for that crucial upcoming face-off, then we might just have the solution to it!

Because today, we’re reviewing the 3 best Onix pickleball paddles that have become a favorite of numerous enthusiasts of the game.

Founded in 2005, Onix had taken the time to acquire in-depth knowledge about the sport, which it used to master its craft of creating some of the finest pickleball paddles suitable for novice and professional players alike.

The brand uses its patented Fusion Core technology in its paddles that offers an admirable speed control and power saturation to ensure a definite win for you at the game.

Best 3 Onix Pickleball Paddles: An Overview

1. Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle [Editor’s Choice]


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The Graphite Z5 is one of the top-selling pickleball paddles from the house of Onix. It features a Nomex paper honeycomb core with a graphite face that delivers an excellent ball control. And, the widebody paddles shape gives you ample sweet spot coverage that ensures great hits in every swing, reducing the chances of dead shots and misses.

How was our experience?

As we believe in giving you first-hand experience of the products that we review, we took it on ourselves to have a match using these paddles to assess the claims of the brand.

The Nomex core and graphite surface of the Graphite Z5 do give a solid performance when it comes to power, speed control, and wide hits, owing to the large sweet spot that it offers. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners as well as for intermediate and professional players.

It has a nicely designed perforated grip that ensures a comfortable hold and easy movement of the paddles.

Also, these pickleball paddles have a medium-weight built and design which doesn’t bear you down during the course of the match, especially when you have to adjust your reflexes or swiftly move around with it.

However, the only thing that we felt Onix could’ve taken care of is the overall quality of the materials. In comparison to what several other brands offer, the material on this feels a bit tacky and may not hold up as strongly in the long run.


The Onix Graphite Z5 is a nicely designed, medium-weight pickleball paddle that provides all the requirements to win at a power-packed pickleball match against friends, family or other opponents.

We don’t have a complaint regarding its built or design and quite appreciate the level of comfort it gives us to maneuver our swings.

Perfect for anyone to play with, The Graphite Z5 has rightly claimed the #1 position on this list for us.

  • Ample sweet spot coverage
  • Amazing power and speed control
  • Comfortable grip
  • Nice design
  • Quality could’ve been better.

2. Onix React Pickleball Paddle


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The Onix React has been a favorite for all those who are well-acquainted with the brand and the kind of product that it offers. It uses the Fusion Core technology that combines polypropylene and Nomex cores for power and speed control. It features a boosted sweet spot with a Nomex core insert that achieves optimal weight distribution, intensifying the power while maintaining control and balance.

How was our experience?

We honestly liked this pickleball paddle pretty much due to its hugely effective sweet spot that gave us all the right shots. The core lets you enjoy optimal touch on the perimeter and saturates the power in the sweet spot to ensure many hits throughout the play.

The graphite surface and wide paddle body are balanced out with a comfortable grip on the handle. This lets you achieve full swings easily. The handle resembles a bit like a tennis ball racquet handle which allows the players to find a familiar ground while using these paddles in the game.

The Fusion Core technology allows you to have a balanced power and weight distribution that will regulate your reflexes during intense matches.

However, this particular Onix paddle is a bit on the heavier side that will take a bit of time to get used to. We advise you to first practice out your moves on this paddle before taking it out on the court for a match.


All in all, the Onix React is one pickleball paddle we thoroughly enjoyed playing with. It has amazing deliverance against ball throws and reduces the chances of dead shots and misses to almost a minimum. The price maybe a tad bit high for the React model, but it’s definitely worth a try for all pickleball enthusiasts.

  • Great design and built
  • Large sweet spot coverage
  • Lets you maintain your speed and power throughout the game
  • Heavier build requires practice for getting your swings right

3. Onix Graphite Stryker Pickleball Paddle – The Affordable One


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The Graphite Stryker from Onix is one of the basics from the brand that is suitable for soft play at the net. The Nomex paper honeycomb core coupled with a graphite face offers substantial power and speed control. The paddle is designed to be a bit oversized and weighing only 7.0-7.3 ounces, it provides considerable ease of movement without bogging you down.

How was our experience?

Frankly, it was the lightest paddle of the 3 that we tried from the Onix lineup, which provided us the advantages of free and full swings and easy movement in the court. The oversized shape of the paddle provides a wide sweet spot and a larger hitting surface that increases the chances of gaining more hits. This prevents dead shots even at the peripheral area on the paddle.

You get the maximum level of speed with these paddles owing to its honeycomb core and graphite surface in combination with its lightweight design and a comfortable molded grip on the handle.

However, you still need a good bit of practice to manage your swings with these paddles as they tend to get a bit unmanageable because of its oversized shape. This is certainly not meant for intense matches and heavy hitters. It is ideal for a fun, and casual game of pickleball played on outings or on similar occasions.


The Onix Graphite Stryker is one of the economically priced pickleball paddles from the brand that features a very lightweight design with a comfortable grip and a large sweet spot. It offers considerable speed control in the court and wide-angled swings.

Even though this particular model isn’t made for playing big matches with, it can always be used on any casual event for a lighthearted game of pickleball.

  • Extremely lightweight design and built.
  • Molded grip for comfort
  • Oversized shape offers a large sweet spot.
  • Not meant for intense matches or heavy-hitting purposes.
  • May not be as durable as other models


We sincerely hope you liked our guide on what we think are the top 3 pickleball paddles from Onix. If you have question, thoughts, or queries, leave them as comment below.

We’ll see you next time!

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