Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Pickleball is an excellent way to get moving. We all know how important this activity is for individuals of all ages especially in terms of keeping them active. Although this is a great form of exercise, individuals do not really need to be a pro in order to completely enjoy it. The slow-moving balls, smaller court and the rules of the game make pickleball in need of more than just pure athleticism to play and win.

Pickleball is also considered a social game and this is known to be very welcoming and friendly to people of different ability levels and ages. This is certainly a wonderful activity to enjoy both with new and old friends and even loved ones who are also interested to play the game. This is fast paced, easy to learn and fun.

Nevertheless, pickleball game experience will never be complete without the best paddle. This is exactly where Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Graphite Face and Honeycomb Polymer Core hits the scene.

Choosing the Best Pickleball Paddle That’s Right for You

Choosing the best pickleball paddle can sometimes be challenging. Considering all the available options for faces, shapes, core materials, grip sizes, sizes and more. It can be difficult to figure out the differences and the best paddle that is right for you. With the help of this Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle review. You will certainly learn this brand and see for yourself why this quality and durable paddle is worth buying for.

The Best Paddle Does Not Need to Cost a Fortune- Amazin’ Aces Offers Reasonably Priced yet Quality Pickleball Paddles for All

Amazin’ Aces takes pride in offering a full range of reasonably priced yet quality pickleball paddles for players of all abilities, level of skills and budget. Amazin’ Aces paddles are best known for value, performance and quality. Regardless if you are a newbie or an already experienced player, Amazin’ Aces have the best paddle for you.

For those pickleball beginners, Amazin’ Aces provides premium quality wood paddles and budget-friendly graphite face and polymer core paddles. These guarantee great value and excellent quality. For the experienced pickleball players, the company further offers multiple high-performance pickleball paddles with guaranteed USAPA approval. These Amazin’ Aces paddles were engineered for maximum reliable performance.

Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Graphite Face and Honeycomb Polymer Core The Best Choice for Pickleball Paddle

The Amazin’ Aces is a well-known pickleball paddle manufacturer. They take pride in their latest product offering which is none other than the Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle.

Amazin Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review
  • Price
  • Grip
  • Control


The Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle is noted for its excellent and impressive sets of features that you can never find in other brands of pickleball paddle.

The most outstanding and highlighted features of this product are:

  • Quality-this pickleball paddle features durable and unique graphite face with stronger honeycomb polymer core. This virtually eliminates denting and dinging.
  • Performance- Need power and control? Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle has nailed it in this section. Its graphite face delivers nice pop while its Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb core gives this paddle a great touch and feel.
  • Value-the Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Graphite Face with Honeycomb Polymer Core is the best value product that shoppers can get at the most reasonable price.
  • Protection-this paddle features edge guard that delivers reliable protection on ground hits.

This particular brand of pickleball paddle is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. You can actually take your game into the next level with the help of this top quality pickleball paddle. This product comes with a free ebook with tips and rules.

What Makes Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Graphite Face and Honeycomb Polymer Core Unique?

This paddle features Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb core and this core is proven to be the softest and least noisy core available in the market. Since the core is crafted from plastic, the paddle is not as loud or as hard as the Nomex or aluminum cores which are known to be the loudest paddle.

Because of the softcore, this Amazin’ Aces pickleball paddle is the top choice for touch and control style of play. The greatly reduced noise also makes this paddle an ideal choice for the “green zone” communities that restrict pickleball noise.

This paddle weighs about 9.2 oz that puts this in the heavy category. The added weight will provide you with more power. Combined with the soft-touch core, this makes this product a great all-around pickleball paddle for both intermediate players and beginners planning to upgrade some notch from the basic wooden paddles.

Unlike other paddles, the Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle is offered at a reasonable price. While having closest and most similar characteristics and features of other best paddles available in the market today.


  • Best in low budget
  • For the price it has maximum durability as well as playability
  • The graphite face guarantees ultimate strength which virtually eliminates denting and dinging
  • Honeycomb core is lightweight but strong enough to withstand countless slams, volleys and dinks.
  • Perfect combination of control and power without getting users fatigued just like some other heavier paddles available.
  • The superior-quality grip keeps your grip solid and dry and the edge guard protects paddle against ground hits while keeping maximum paddle-playing face.


  • Minimal drawbacks from a few unsatisfied users.
  • Some have complaints about the rubber batting all around the paddle seems to be coming loose.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make the most of your pickleball gaming experience, you need to secure yourself with the best pickleball paddle. The Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Pickleball Paddle Graphite Face and Honeycomb Polymer Core is the best choices you can ever make to ensure a nice play.

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