Best Pickleball Equipment Reviews – Pickleball Equipment Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Not many knows of the game Pickleball, as it is not as famous as that of baseball or probably soccer. When you see the game being played, it would seem like a cross between table tennis as well as lawn tennis. Even though there is a court on which the players play, the impact isn’t as much as that of lawn tennis.

What is Pickleball?

Even though it is taking time, people are coming to know of the game, and it has acquired the interest of several. People of all ages like to play it where one has to bring out their strength, endurance skills and agility. There is the need to be swift and good with concentration when it comes to hitting the ball coming from the other end.

While recreational clubs have this game as a part of their list, playing it is fun and entertaining. Just like other games that have multiple equipment for playing, the Pickleball too has a certain set of equipment that makes it easy to play.

The list of equipment that is used for Pickleball isn’t anything exotic or difficult to find. You visit a designated store near you or even online, and you can get your hands on the right set.

The paddle

This is what you may also call the bat with which the ball is hit towards the other end. It is somewhat similar to that of a table tennis paddle but has a square shape to it while being larger in size. It has rounded edges with a handle with a firm grip when held. While initially these paddles were made of wood, in the present times, even lighter material as that of aluminium in used to manufacture it.

When it comes to choosing the right paddle, you are to make the choice. You wouldn’t want something breaking off into two when you are at the game. When you choose one for yourself, consider following these.

  • Do not buy them cheap – A good paddle would cost you something around $50-$60 or even more when the material it is made up of is good and long lasting. Anything cheaper than that wouldn’t do any good to you in the days to come as there is no guarantee to it being of good quality. You wouldn’t want to invest in something that doesn’t last for a long time.
  • Look for the right material– These paddles are made up of light wood, aluminium and graphite. While the light wood ones do not last for long, the aluminium ones are just the right things if you are an amateur or play only when invited for a game. You may consider the ones made of graphite, but that is something that is used by seasoned players as they are tough to handle. If you are starting as an amateur or play it occasionally, buying a paddle made of aluminium is a better option.
  • Check the weight– It is said that the lighter the Pickleball paddles are, the better it is when you play the game. When it comes to the weight of it, it should be something around 6-15 ounces in weight. Picking a heavy paddle thinking it to last longer is something that you are making a mistake with.
  • Look out for the grip – The main objective of playing the game is to hold the paddle well just so that you can send the ball to the other end swiftly. When you cannot hold the paddle well, and it slips away easily, you do not own the right one. Hold it when buying and check whether there is the right grip. While I have discussed choosing the right paddle here.

The Ball

The Pickleball ball is no ordinary ball. It is no doubt round in shape, but it has these holes in them that aids to it being aerodynamic. They are two different types of balls manufactured where one is for the indoors and the other for the outdoors. The indoor balls have larger holes which slows down the speed of it when hitting while the one for the outdoors contains smaller holes. These come in varied colours as that of pink, blue, yellow, green, orange or even white at times. Some like a particular colour and only prefer those while the rest like it to be experimental and buy balls of multiple colours. Such bright colours for balls makes it visible and doesn’t get camouflaged with the color of the court and its surroundings.

The nets

The nets for the Pickleball game is just like the ones used at a tennis game. While it divides to teams and is placed in the middle of the court while bisecting it equally. While permanent gaming courts have them affixed to place, there are several who prefer making use of portable ones which can be placed wherever required right after setting up the court margins. These nets are often made up of synthetic fibre or even cotton ropes that can be folded and kept away once done with the game. While the poles and the net come as a combo pack, it costs something around $90 to $160. If the nets tear, you could buy only then net at around $50. Before you make the purchase, check for the quality well and only then buy it or else you would find it to be a waste.

The complete set

Some like to buy it in singles especially when they are a part of a club or go for a game occasionally while the rest buy the set especially when the entire family plays together. This is something that comes around as being cheap where a single piece would cost more. Most sets contain a net, balls and paddles. You may want to customise the set depending on your requirements. Some like to add duffle bags, court tape and anything else that they would require during the game. Such sets are known to save a lot of money without you having to spend on buying single paddles or balls as and when required.

Paddle covers

When you do not use the paddles and other equipment of the Pickleball, you should protect them with covers. If you have been aluminium paddle, there is the need for you to protect it from dust and moisture. You could either use single covers or use a duffle bag to store the paddle, balls as well as the net. That stays safe while also making it easy for you to carry it along when you go for a game either indoors or outdoors.

Your clothing

Just like other games as that of table tennis and lawn tennis, this game too needs swift movement and a lot of effort while playing. Therefore, to make things comfortable when you are playing, you should be wearing clothes that are breathable and loose. If they are heavy on your skin, you may not be able to move around as desired while restricting your best effort. The stores that keep Pickleball equipment would also help you with clothing that helps you move around comfortable when you are playing the game.

Another aspect of this is the shoes that you should be wearing while at the game. Since there is a lot of movement involved both indoors and outdoors, there is the need to have a proper grip for your feet. Wearing the right shoes is something very important when it comes to playing the game well. Wearing sports shoes that is just right for your feet allows you to move around swiftly while also preventing any type of leg injury while on the go.

Learning the game

Not everyone can achieve perfect with Pickleball when it comes to playing it at the first go. The need to follow the ball, hit it well, remember the rules of it and finally be swift with your movements. If all of this comes naturally, then there is nothing better. When you intend to learn the game and play it seriously, you could consider getting yourself a trainer or even enrolling yourself at an academy where you can learn the game professionally. This would not just allow you to get to know of the game well but also make you fit. With regular gaming sessions and practice, you not just receive perfection with the game but also keep yourself fit.

Where to buy the equipment from?

While there are designated stores that stick up on gaming equipment where you would find Pickleball equipment as well, you can readily step in and make your choice. When it comes to buying them online, trust only the branded stores that would help you with the best products. While they also come with a guarantee of replacement when defective or damaged, you get to sit at home and receive all your equipment at your doorstep. Before buying them online, remember to read specifications well and not pick something that you would regret buying.

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